Cambridge - Young Travellers

Passionate about the English language?

Cambridge – Young Travellers are the perfect combination for those of you who are passionate about the English language coupled with those who look to venture the world and what it has to offer.

More than just language tuition

Studying Cambridge English is part of Cambridge Young Travellers. This is a language qualification that will account for 3 hours a week of your studies. This is a special way of learning English that gives an especially deep understanding of the English language. In the spring/summer you will take your Cambridge English exam where your English level is assessed on the international language scale. This means that the certificate you will be awarded, is recognised globally and can be particularly useful in relation to opening doors for future studies or work abroad. Cambridge Assessment English exams are recognized by over 25.000 universities, employers and governments around the world.

We offer Cambridge at two levels to suit your ability:

  • Cambridge B2 First is year 9 and 10 level.
  • Cambridge C1 Advanced is gymnasiums level.

When you study Cambridge English as part of Cambridge Young Travellers your package includes your Cambridge English lessons, Cambridge book, Cambridge exam and a unique trip to an English-speaking destination that the students are influential in choosing and planning themselves. The world is their oyster within the budget available.

  • The Cambridge tuition comes with an extra school fee of approximately 2.700 Dkr.

Young Travellers

As a young traveller be prepared to take on the responsibility of being part of a team. A team of young travellers who have the same ambitions and goals as you do. To explore this wonderful world we live in, and the global diversity it has to offer.

With an emphasis on English speaking countries, it is our goal at Billleshave Efterskole to fill your backpack with the necessary life skills it takes to travel the world as a young traveller. With the assistance and guidance of Steve Atkins and Alison Flensborg underpinned with their vast travelling experience and knowledge throughout the world, you will be part of a team that will explore the opportunities, possibilities and cultural challenges you can expect as a young traveller.

Our destination will be decided and planned by you together with the rest of the young traveller’s team and teachers.

A chance of a lifetime to take your first travelling steps.

  • The travel activity for Young Travellers comes with an extra fee of approximately 12.000 Dkr.